Twist - 

Two or more fibres twisted together 

Short pile -

Doesn't fluff or leave footprints 
Perfect for high traffic areas - hallways, stairs or main rooms 

Loop - 

Loops of twisted fibres are left uncut 
Definition and interesting textures 
Contemporary appearance 
Popular in hallways. 
Not recommended for pets as claws catch in the loops 

Saxony - 

Deep pile 
Straight cut 
Feels soft and sumptuous 
Looks luxurious 
Popular in bedrooms and lounges 

Patterned - 

Stripes, floral, damask and more 
Adds a new dimension to any room 
Hard wearing 
Traditionally woven or printed 
Keeps its appearance 

Pattern or plain?

Subtle patterns tend to work better in smaller spaces, while bold designs suit larger areas.

Wool or synthetic?

Carpets are made from wool or man made fibres or a combination of the two. Each has it?s advantages: while wool is soft and retains its pile well, synthetics can be ultra stain resistant.

Do I need underlay?

The simple rule is buy the best underlay you can afford. A good underlay will improve the look, feel, insulation and wearability of your carpet. Sponge rubber underlay is soft and luxurious while recycled crumb rubber and polyurethane underlay is a more environmentally-friendly option.

Is carpet the right choice for my room?

Carpet suits most areas of the home, there are even carpets suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. If in doubt, ask one of our flooring experts to help.

How long will it last?

The amount of footfall across your floor is a major consideration and different fibres and blends can be more hardwearing. Again, we'll be happy to advise you on the right choice.

I've got a tight budget.

If you are working to a particular cost, simply start from there and look at the options within your price range. We've got a massive selection to suit practically any budget.